It's time to meet your ancestors


You have arrived at this site because you may be looking for someone to research your family history. This could be for a number of reasons,

  • A story handed down about a particular person
  •  Investigating a family myth
  •  Mending rifts
  • Finding out where you got your looks from
  •  Was there anyone famous in the family, if so, who?
  • A general interest in history and making it real via a family tree
  •  Is there any family from other countries?
  •  Did any of the family migrate around the UK
  • Or did any emigrate abroad and if so where to?
  • You have seen the programmes on TV and would like someone to research your tree for you.
  • You do not have the time to do it yourself
  • And the big one, who am I and where did I come from.

These are just some of the reasons someone may decide to research their tree, however, not everyone has the time to do this, or the facilities or the knowledge which is where we come in.

Thanks to modern technology it is now possible to research family trees more effectively, we have discovered for some clients,  several  cousins, albeit it several times removed, throughout the world including USA, Canada and Australia.

Because of the introduction of DNA tests, the results we get are even more conclusive.

Contact is ensured at all times via phone, Skype, Messenger, Email and yes, Royal Mail too!

This  means the service you receive will be thorough, in fact, as it is something we enjoy doing, you are more likely to find added titbits hidden in the research as we delve deeper. We may ask questions of you during the research  to ascertain that we are on the right road, or should that be tree?

So why not join others and find out who your ancestors are?