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Is your wheelie bin dirty & smelly? - If the answer is yes you are not alone

Bubbly Bins are Sedgemoor and North Somerset's premier wheelie bin cleaning company. We offer cost effective solutions for wheelie bin cleaning and our service is available in Sedgemoor and North Somerset offering you and your neighbours clean and fresh bins all year round.

From just £4 per visit the friendly and professional Bubbly Bins team can visit you on ‘bin-day' and clean, sanitise, disinfect, deodorise and bag your bin leaving is clean and smelling fresh both inside and outside.

In addition to cleaning your refuge wheelie bins we can also clean your recycling bin and food refuge bins for an additional £1.00 per bin.

Why not contact Bubbly Bins today to book your cleans and leave your wheelie bin clean, fresh and tidy.


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