Virtual Web Design 101

Where you run the show

Welcome to Virtual Web Design 101 or VWD101 for short.

VWD101 is run by a retired lady who likes to help her friends with their websites, as well as those who prefer to talk to someone who does not speak with a language full of technological terms. 

  She has a simple method here at VWD101, it is called S.A.T. What is S.A.T? This stands for Simple Affordable and Transparent. It is how VWD101 is run. 

  VWD101 is  non profit making and any monies are put towards the hosting and the running of the individual sites alongside of programmes and plug ins that some may find useful. 

  So what happens? 

Well you choose a name, which is then hosted on the servers and then you choose a medium with which to present your site to the world. 

  The most popular one is WordPress, this is because once the site has a username and password, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any computer. 

  Then you can use the tutorials to help you build, design, present and promote your site. This gives you total autonomy in all your actions. 

  With using other people there is nothing worse than asking, for example, for a photo to go up on your site. You put in the request, the web-builder sends an email saying they have received it however, what invariably happens next is that the designer fits you in as and when he can. 

  With VWD101 it is simple and efficient, no hidden costs and everything is transparent. Your site can be anything from a simple blog to a full on eCommerce site.

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